Inspiration In A Beautiful Day

This summer the weather has been either beautiful. To find inspiration in a beautiful day you have to expect the unexpected. You have to be willing to take whatever comes and to be spontaneous. Most times you don’t even have to look for it.

And so it started

I’d like to tell you about a beautiful day that had endless solid blue skies and big clouds with definitions. That day was filled with activities I enjoy most. It started with early morning coffee on the deck. I’m not talking 7 a.m. but 5:00 a.m., a half an hour after the morning sky starts to turn from black to tired gray. A bird was calling in the wood that I’d never heard before. The call was so clear the cliche “cut through the air” came to mind. I sat there for a long time before going inside.

After breakfast

The garden is looking great this summer. We have had a fair amount of rain in the evenings. My Lenten roses have had two blooming cycles! The variety of lilies are extra tall and the hydrangea is loaded with blooms. Whilst finding the hidden weeds to pull I was delighted to see my first blue dasher dragonfly of the season. He was beautiful and enjoying a sit down in the early morning sun on a phlox stalk.

Early afternoon

Sitting in the Adirondack chair with my big floppy hat reading a great book. I try to read once a day when events will let me. Reading, like gardening feeds my soul. Up until that time the sun was relentlessly beaming down making the woods smell heavenly. A shadow cast down and for a moment my eyes on the page sighed a sigh of relief. Looking up I saw clouds, big burly clouds of white with gradients of gray. They were handsome so I decided to try and take a picture. Below is the result.

A photograph of big billowing clouds with a very blue sky.
Dramatic and inspirational.

The evening

Dinner table conversations with my family sometimes gives me inspiration for my work. I have two nearly adult children home for the summer. Though I see how much they have matured, I realized my job as a parent is to keep encouraging them to follow their passions. Reaching goals or having dreams doesn’t stop at a certain age. In fact, if you think about it, aspirations and goals never stops in a human life.

We all need a little reaffirming of our dreams so I decided to do something with the picture of clouds I had taken earlier. The results are the canvas print and tote bag shown below.

May you be inspired to rise above.

Photograph of a blue sky with clouds and inspirational quote.
Canvas prints in various options
Tote bag with photograph of a blue sky with clouds and inspirational quote.
This tote is available in two sizes and two styles.



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Ferris Wheel Bones

Ferris Wheel Bones is a black and white Holga image. You may have remember the Black and White Carousel photo posted earlier in the year. These images are part of a small series taken at the local amusement park.

The Holga is a plastic camera which uses medium format film. This gives the image its crystal clear center. The vignetting is due to the plastic lens of the camera. You can read more about the Holga camera on my Pear Tree post.

Photograph of a Ferris Wheel.
Black and white Holga image of a Ferris Wheel.

The Ferris Wheel has always intrigued me. The bare steel structure seems as though it is a dinosaur in a modern age of machines. It bellows smoke, groans as it revolves around an uncertain destiny. We all know it rotates around and around to give us thrills and a great view. But have you ever stopped to think how many other people have sat in those swinging seats?

How many people screamed they wanted to get off? The many men proposing to women that may or may not have accepted from the top of the wheel. The pair of strangers mutually sit as they gently go up and down the wheel in verbal silence.

Memories kept between Ferris Wheel bones.

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