Tribal Snake Dreaming

A big splash of color today with the introduction of Tribal Snake Dreaming. I’ve always been intrigued by the artwork of dreamtime from the Australian aboriginal community. Their use of nature as storytellers really fits in my own beliefs. My Tribal Snake Dreaming is inspired by those sacred aboriginal mosaic like paintings. Using bold colored magic markers I wanted to eye to follow the snake downward into the bright surroundings. This is why the background is created with yellow and orange and the snake is blue and green. The optical illusion is only created by using the darker colors which trick the eye receding the subject away from you.

Bold colored Aboriginal mosaic of a coiled snake.
Bold colored Aboriginal mosaic of a coiled snake.

I had fun though the fumes from the markers nearly knocked me out. Perhaps the next one will be digital.

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Book Sketch

On getting back to the basics I decided to start with a simple book sketch. For me, the exercise of working with perspective and vanishing points at the same time was an unexpected challenge.

It has been some time since I sat down and drew with a pencil. I had decided to take a local drawing class this past month. If you have never taken a local class, whether it be from a recreational center or small college, I highly recommend participating in one. The instruction was great and the company of others who were outgoing make the experience even better.

Our last class together we were given the task of drawing a pile of books. As you can see below my attempt at the assignment wasn’t too bad. In fact, for the most part I was able to execute the assignment fairly well. After this class I understood the importance of identifying a vanishing point and how to find them. As we know, practice makes perfect and I’ll definitely give myself more opportunities to hone this skill.

Book Sketch
Simple sketch of a pile of books

I did learn one more lesson during this class. I need to find a better pencil and easer too. lol

Here is a shout out to our fun and knowledgable teacher Gayle Fitzpatrick. Gayle is a printmaker, paper maker and artist extraordinaire. You can find her Etsy shop here.

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It Is A Daisy Thing

Nearing the end of August I found I was admiring daisies. The variety seen in the fields and gardens this year have been spectacular. From pink, mauve and the traditional white and yellow, the daisies seem to be everywhere.

Yellow daisies in the sun.
Click on the photo for a larger image.

Daisies always reminds me of when I was a girl. I had that idealistic childhood of being barefoot and living in the country. Wildflowers to make flower crowns, wearing daisy chains around our necks my friends and I enjoyed every summer’s day.

Recently I created a simple yellow daisy design with a digital software program.

Digital black eye susan
A simple Black Eyed Susan daisy

I wanted to use this daisy to create merchandise for carefree girls and women using a Zazzle store. Thus, the Daisy Chain Shop was born.

I’ve been having fun creating cell phone covers and blue tooth speakers. Home decor merchandise like pillows for girls bedrooms. And t-shirts like this one.

It’s all fun and games. I love sharing with any medium and if you are curious to see more fun girly designs visit the Daisy Chain Shop.

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Mountain Sheep Dreaming

Mountain Sheep Dreaming is a simple designed drawing using a fine point sharpie on white paper. I’m often inspired by my dreams and surely my new personal studies into shamanism had something to do with Mountain Sheep Dreaming. The black and white sketch shows a ram’s head face on. You can see his large curved horns to either side of his head. On his brow is my power animal the bear. Entwined down his face is a vine with leaves. I think the most striking aspect of his face are the two elongated triangles down his nose. Inside these triangles are circle.

Simple line drawing of a mountain sheep's head.
Simple line drawing of a mountain sheep’s head.

So what does it all mean? Well being curious of what my dreams are trying to say to me I’ve looked into the ram and his meaning. In a nutshell he signifies new beginnings. Taking a journey to the Upper World last week I was told to pursue my fine arts goals. Since then my urge to create with my hands has become stronger. I’m seeking out more education and visiting more exhibits too.

Follow your passions. That is the lesson I have to learn in this lifetime. I’m so glad you’ve joined me on the journey.

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