I started this site to give a more personable face to Lasgalen Arts. It’s not easy talking about ones self but I feel it is important to give a background into the work provided here.

My name is Lynn-Marie Gildersleeve and I’m a photographer and artist. When I was a child I played with the family camera. At that time it was an old Polarioid which, to be honest, didn’t leave much room for experimentation.

As I grew up my parents purchased more advanced cameras with fixed lenses. When I was able to purchase my own I pooled all my money together and bought an Olympus OM10 with 50mm lens. This was the beginning of my love affair with photography.

I enjoy capturing nature and my daily life on film and on digital mediums. Because I garden I’m quite drawn to the secret life of plants and the world found on your knees. I find life interesting enough to try and keep a moment forever with a photograph.

Geum Rivale, Flames of Passion
A delicate addition to the garden, Geum Rivale reminds my of mini poppies.

Others enjoy my work on the walls of local eateries and have purchased prints, cards and more items with my photography from various shops online. Framed prints can be found on walls in Europe, Asia and across the North America.

Carving linoleum for mono prints, drawing and painting with watercolors and acrylics are also more of my creative outlets.

A painting of a five petaled vinca flower with a green vine and leaves.
Vinca vine is easy to grow and enjoys a shaded area.

There are several places online you can find my work.

Redbubble: Prints, cards, apparel, home decor, cell phone cases and more
Lasgalen Arts on Zazzle: Specialty card products, office accessories, personalized gifts, home decor and more.





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