Drawing Valentine’s Cookies

I’ve been drawing Valentine’s cookies this past week. Inspiration came by the images I saw on social media. Beautifully decorated Valentine’s Day cookies seem to be everywhere. Treats are much more bearable to be inundated with when cruising social media than the other news found there. Sanity in sugar is my motto therefor I will succumb and create my own non-baked yummies by drawing Valentine’s cookies.

Six Valentine's Day cookies in red and white.
No bake cookies are great for the waistline.

It was quite fun creating patterns like those above. It has given me inspiration to do something similar with different shapes. Let’s see where this leads me.

For now I’ll show you what I’ve done using the pretty red and white heart cookies drawn above. Whether you need a Valentine’s day card, enjoy simple design or love hearts I have created a variety of fun and pretty merchandise for you. Cute espresso cups, a rubber stamp and knob pulls are a few items found in this collection found in my Lasgalen Arts Zazzle store.

For more variety of gift ideas my Lasgalen Arts Redbubble store includes studio pouches, hardcover journals and more. Just click through the women’s t-shirt model below to see everything there.

T-shirt model with grey shirt and six red and white hearts design.
One of forty-six lovingly designed items.
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