Orange Day Lilies

In my small town there are many gardens of various sizes. It’s only natural when you live in a wooded area to want to tame a part of your living space and control the environment. The orange day lily has been used for quick color for ages in New England. You will see them in almost every front yard, back gardens and even along the side of a road where no houses stand any longer.

Photograph of orange day lilies.
Day lilies bloom in late June early July.

The reason for the proliferation and longevity of these flowers is because they are passed around from neighbors and relatives freely. Day lilies are easily uprooted by the bucketful and transplanted in just about any environment. Your sister may have bought a new house and she has no color for July, get digging and plant them in the front yard by the rhubarb. Great aunt Jane has passed and her house is up for sale. By God get over there and grab some of her flower plants because it’s a New England right to take heirlooms from her beloved garden. She’d want it that way after all.

Photograph of blooming orange day lilies.
On an overcast day the color of orange is powerful strong.

When I moved into my current house there were hundreds of these orange day lilies lining all four sides of the house and in a small garden. It was quite over whelming to say the least. Since then I’ve transplanted them up the road, given bucketfuls away to friends and even sold them in yard sales.

A photo of orange day lilies.
These day lilies are around five feet tall.

I have too many, that is true, however if I was to get rid of them all I’d probably be thrown out of New England. Perhaps they are a symbol of being part of a community, of showing the people who drive by that someone lives here. Someone takes the time to make sure this garden plot survives the winter or the hot summer humidity.

I don’t mind sharing if you need more. What? You don’t have any? Here, let me get my shovel.


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