Apple Tree

The old apple tree once in the yard had weathered bark. Coarse and showing signs of ware the apple tree’s trunk had made a great subject for high speed film. At the base of the tree looking upwards to the leafy canopy the sun shone down illuminating the leaves closer to the top. Younger branches seem to spring forth willy nilly towards the sky in an attempt to sprout new leaves closer to the sun.

The black and white 1000 speed Fuji film used to photograph the apple tree creates a grainy finish. Dragon scale bark and impressionist like painted leaves of the apple tree all are due to the high speed film used in the Olympus OM10.

Black and white photograph of an apple tree trunk and leaves.
High speed film creates a grainy view of the old apple tree.

This apple tree no longer stands in the yard. The sun shines down on green grass where it once stood. Like all trees that have grown and fallen no one will remember it years from now. But once it stood tall, a bit twisted and solid in the yard where children climbed its scaly branches.



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