The Dirt Canvas

Lately, now that the weather is fine, I’ve been working on the dirt canvas. It is tough remaining inside the studio when the weather is so lovely. The bare ground is similar to an untouched white canvas. The possibilities are endless with varieties of color or media and really all that is needed is imagination.

Stargazer lilies in a package.
Still in their package, these stargazer lilies await their dirt beds.

The earliest of flowers are the pink and white bleeding hearts. Their delicate ladies bloomers line the slender stems. Several years ago I found these plants growing in the middle of the yard. I transplanted them next to the barn. This year they have fully recovered and are quite large.
Bleeding hearts blooming next to a red barn.
Many blossoms found on these bleeding hearts.

And lastly, four wonderfully healthy tomato plants sit in large pots on the deck. Four varieties include a generic patio tomato, plum, San Marzano and lastly an heirloom called Black Krim.
Four pots of dirt with tomato plants sitting on a wooden deck.
Four pots with tomato plants.

As the season progresses, the garden will come alive with color. Whether green with weeds or bright jewel colored blossoms, it’s a natures plan for its own canvas.

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