Mountain Sheep Dreaming

Mountain Sheep Dreaming is a simple designed drawing using a fine point sharpie on white paper. I’m often inspired by my dreams and surely my new personal studies into shamanism had something to do with Mountain Sheep Dreaming. The black and white sketch shows a ram’s head face on. You can see his large curved horns to either side of his head. On his brow is my power animal the bear. Entwined down his face is a vine with leaves. I think the most striking aspect of his face are the two elongated triangles down his nose. Inside these triangles are circle.

Simple line drawing of a mountain sheep's head.
Simple line drawing of a mountain sheep’s head.

So what does it all mean? Well being curious of what my dreams are trying to say to me I’ve looked into the ram and his meaning. In a nutshell he signifies new beginnings. Taking a journey to the Upper World last week I was told to pursue my fine arts goals. Since then my urge to create with my hands has become stronger. I’m seeking out more education and visiting more exhibits too.

Follow your passions. That is the lesson I have to learn in this lifetime. I’m so glad you’ve joined me on the journey.

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