Red Poinsettia Linoleumcut

As part of my Scandinavian print project as mentioned in White Hearts and Red Stars, this next relief is a simple poinsettia motif. I enjoy carving this eight petaled flower because it made me happy to do so. It has a folk art like quality and maybe a little whimsical too.

Scandinavian designed red poinsettia print.
Scandinavian designed red poinsettia print.

I’m very pleased with this linocut print so I made it available for prints, pillows and more. Below you can see the design on travel mug. There are many more products to choose from including apparel, home decor items and much more in my Lasgalen Arts Redbubble store.

Pattern of red flowers on white background
There are three styles of mugs to choose from with my Red Poinsettia Linoleumcut design.



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White Hearts and Red Stars

Grabbing the carving knives again I have started a new Scandinavian designed print project this month. My intention was to work on this project prior to the Christmas holiday and create my own holiday cards but this did not happen. There seemed to be a shortage of red Speedball printers ink shortage in this country. I traveled to two different local art stores and neither of them had red ink. I checked my favorite online art supplier and they too didn’t have what I needed. Finally a supplier could be found on Amazon for a hefty fee, so a splurged and can now proceed with the project.

The first of my projects were a simple heart and star linocut. For the heart I carved a stitched like boarder around at 3.7 cm square block. I then carved three hearts one inside another leaving the heart in the center as white. Inside the very center of the hearts are red and white circles.

The stars include a red boarder and red star in the center. White circles and white leaves are found in the star along with another more intricate star in the center. This block is also a 3.7 cm square. The results of this project can be seen in the image below.

Scandinavian hearts and stars print project.
White Hearts and Red Stars Print Project.

Now that the holidays are over I’ve decided to utilize these two blocks to create a four squared pattern for prints. I love the folk art styled designs and have also begun two other linoleum blocks with Scandinavian motifs.

For fun I’ve added this Christmas inspired print to various items for the home during the holidays. For example this Christmas tree skirt below looks wonderful with this Scandinavian design. View all the products at the Lasgalen Arts Zazzle store.



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Ferris Wheel Bones

Ferris Wheel Bones is a black and white Holga image. You may have remember the Black and White Carousel photo posted earlier in the year. These images are part of a small series taken at the local amusement park.

The Holga is a plastic camera which uses medium format film. This gives the image its crystal clear center. The vignetting is due to the plastic lens of the camera. You can read more about the Holga camera on my Pear Tree post.

Photograph of a Ferris Wheel.
Black and white Holga image of a Ferris Wheel.

The Ferris Wheel has always intrigued me. The bare steel structure seems as though it is a dinosaur in a modern age of machines. It bellows smoke, groans as it revolves around an uncertain destiny. We all know it rotates around and around to give us thrills and a great view. But have you ever stopped to think how many other people have sat in those swinging seats?

How many people screamed they wanted to get off? The many men proposing to women that may or may not have accepted from the top of the wheel. The pair of strangers mutually sit as they gently go up and down the wheel in verbal silence.

Memories kept between Ferris Wheel bones.

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Winter Magic

Winter magic takes the right time of day, perfect wintery weather and little imagination. I look for those shining moments when sun, snow and crystal air come together. The challenge of waiting till the sun is at the correct angle to dazzle the eyes using snow to refract the light. Each limb needs to be covered with clinging snow and ice, “trees in cotton” as my daughter would say.

A photograph of the sun coming through trees in winter.
Winter magic is something pure and shining.

Winter magic is luminous after the night’s whispers have faded away. The returning of the sun is about anticipation, believing in something wondrous and leaving us with hope.

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Mountain Sheep Dreaming

Mountain Sheep Dreaming is a simple designed drawing using a fine point sharpie on white paper. I’m often inspired by my dreams and surely my new personal studies into shamanism had something to do with Mountain Sheep Dreaming. The black and white sketch shows a ram’s head face on. You can see his large curved horns to either side of his head. On his brow is my power animal the bear. Entwined down his face is a vine with leaves. I think the most striking aspect of his face are the two elongated triangles down his nose. Inside these triangles are circle.

Simple line drawing of a mountain sheep's head.
Simple line drawing of a mountain sheep’s head.

So what does it all mean? Well being curious of what my dreams are trying to say to me I’ve looked into the ram and his meaning. In a nutshell he signifies new beginnings. Taking a journey to the Upper World last week I was told to pursue my fine arts goals. Since then my urge to create with my hands has become stronger. I’m seeking out more education and visiting more exhibits too.

Follow your passions. That is the lesson I have to learn in this lifetime. I’m so glad you’ve joined me on the journey.

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Quiet Repose

Quiet Repose; a black and white study of a child at rest is just one example of what drew me to photography as a craft so many years ago. Occasionally, I find an old photo that reminds me why taking photographs became a habit now processed daily. The play of lighting on something precious, so loved at that moment I had captured her to never forget the stillness and innocence found there.

A black and white photograph of a child at rest.
A black and white study of a child at rest.

Scenes that appear and are gone before we have a chance to register their importance still draws me forward. I want to remember a moment of importance to me. Capturing a scene, fixing it in my mind is a way to see how far our lives have come.


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