Pink Floral Tea Cup

A thrift store find is this pretty delicate artifact I call the pink floral tea cup. If you remember from my forays into a thrift shop last year, I discovered a Lefton China Tea Cup and wrote about it too. Another cold day and I decided to venture to find another china cup to photograph.

A detailed photograph of a tea cup.
Details of delicate designs on porcelain.

This pink floral tea cup was made by the Bawo and Dotter company of New York who then opened a manufactures plant in Limoges, France in 1892 calling themselves the Elite Works company. Some of the china can be dated by the color of their mark. Between 1900 to 1914 their mark was red and between 1920 to 1932 the company also used green. This particular cup’s mark is red. The matching saucer not pictured includes a green stamp.

Lovely Detail

This photograph is a close up of the lip and cup itself. You can see the small white and pink blossoms (apple?), small yellow centers and small green leaves. All hand painted on a white porcelain, it is remarkable that it was created prior to 1914. The gold rim shines for its age. These cups I find are a reminder of a different time. Socializing revolved around a daily ceremony with food and tea, face to face with others with no distractions from electronics.


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