Two Pumpkins

Two pumpkins sit on my granite doorstep surrounded by green ivy and fallen leaves. Autumn is my favorite time of year. Just as in Spring, Autumn is colorful and brings great change. Brisk but sunny days are my favorite, when you can stand outside in the cool air and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. The smell of Fall is a pleasant moist decay of things. When the sun warms up the leaves the odor is even more pronounced.

My bird feeders become hubs for different species of song birds. The chickadees, yellow finches, purple finches and house finches and titmice now have company. Blue birds, hairy woodpeckers and migrating gross beaks and an occasional warbler now visit. Buddy, the dog particularity enjoys chasing the chipmunks and squirrels as they scurry and collect all the acorns and seeds in the yard. Like the rodents, Buddy’s job is never done.

Two pumpkins sits on a doorstep.
Two orange pumpkins sit on a granite step surrounded by green ivy, pine needles and dried leaves.

The environment inside is different also. Being in the kitchen now not only creates comfort foods but extra warmth too. The oven is alive with baked goods passing in and out of its’ door more frequently. Dare I say everyone in the house starts thinking about the holidays. The expectations are not only for the gatherings of friends and family, but of the holiday foods to be cooked, served up and eaten.

I’ve added the Holga image of the two pumpkins today because Autumn is in full swing. The vignetting around the image is produced by the camera. If you are not familiar with Holga cameras and their unpredictable outcomes I have written a short explanation on the Pear Tree post.



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