Instagram Photos As Art

As an amateur artist and photographer I try to train my eye to find interesting perspectives around me.

Recently I took up the Instagram torch. I try and capture those situations or things that I wanted to remember for future projects. There are times I want to preserve quiet moments too. I’m not one to catalog my life with images of my family on such a public platform.

This post is to highlight some of my personal favorite Instagram photos I took in the past twelve months. No filters were utilized and only natural light was used.


A photo of wooden stairs
I was attracted by this scene in my home for two reasons. First, the glowing sunlight from below was easily captured in the red stairwell. And secondly, the abstract composition was appealing to me. I love seeing the abstract in ordinary things. This stairwell I’d walked through hundreds of times. However, it took the right lighting for me to see how the stairs leads the eyes down by their own design.


A photo of boldly colored vegetables.

The vegetables photo was taken in low light to capture their vibrant colors. I often take these iPod photos with as little light as I can use to avoid any filters that may alter the scene. The deep colors from the purple onion, eggplants, zucchini, squash and avocado seemed to pop from the scene. The light source is from the kitchen window.

Kay’s Zori Sandals

A photo of Japanese zori sandals

My daughter’s Japanese straw zori sandals were untouched and laying on her bedroom floor. After spending several weeks in Japan last summer she had adopted the Japanese culture with love. Her sandals lay there as I admired their simplicity and the simple scene I felt the need to capture.

Glowing Trees

A photo of a sunset

I sat in the car waiting on a February evening and I watched the sun sinking lower on the horizon. The day before had left everything outside covered in a sheet of ice. As I watched the sun going down behind a stand of trees something magical happened. Each branch encased in ice began to glow. First yellow, deeper to orange and finally to red. I took a number of shots and the one I’ve shared was the best from the series.

Apple Pear Pie

A photo of apples, pears and pie

It all ends with pie. I must admit I like taking food pictures. Trying hard not to always be what I am currently eating, I have been known to take pictures of food in restaurants. There is something homey in an image of fruit, crust and rolling pin. I couldn’t resist.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these images. I am found on Instagram under the name eyespylife.


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