Red Barn Another Experiment In Printmaking

Red Barn is another experiment in printmaking. After the first attempt and success at performing the reduction method of printmaking, I decided to see if I could go one step further. The first trial, A Black Crow, utilized two colors with a simple design. The Red Barn would also print in two colors however this attempt would use a more complex design.

Elaborate First Drawing

A lino block with sketch of a barn and tree
I’ve shown below the complexity of the drawing on a lino block. Because red was the first color used in this process I would have to overlay green as the last. It is a tricky process of knowing what lines will be cut first, left for the second round or which parts of the block to be left alone entirely. You can see my thought process and my “cheat sheet” approach to it all.

The First Layer

From the image below you can see the block and the first layer of color. Other than removing parts of the block which I wanted to have red remain, the last tricky part is lining up the block to the first print.

First pass of this block with red

Red Barn Another Experiment in Printmaking

Lastly, the green ink was applied in the final printing. I was fairly pleased with how this experiment unfolded. The green lines left on the red barn look like barn boards. Though there are no lines left on the barn these green barn boards showed up on their own accord. The melting snow shows well on the barn roof and evergreen. The drooping lines of snow look realistic. I would do this process again with confidence.

Completed red barn and green tree in snow


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