Where Ideas Come From

A Year Ago This Month

I enjoy the challenge of exploring other mediums. Back in February of 2013 I decided to try acrylic paints. I’d never used them before and needed to read up on their properties and techniques used for them. My past experience with anything close was with oils. Oils was a lovely way to understand how layer worked. I loved the buttery feeling of them and how their colors blended effortlessly. However, I didn’t enjoy the clean up and the length it took for the paint to dry.

Where Ideas Come From – The First Attempt

Where Ideas Come From was just one of many creative ideas that came to me in a dream. The circle patterns, lines and even the colors were fully formed. My job was to see if I could replicate what I saw that night while sleeping. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

What It All Means

The rust, red, green and blue mottled background is the stuff ideas are made from. The free floating balls of mixed greens, blues, whites and reds are the forming of thoughts in my dreams. Strands of corresponding colors connect the thought balls signifying my thoughts running together.Abstract painting
You can purchase prints, cards or cell phone cases in my Artist Gallery.

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