Fruit In The Window

Fruit in the window was inspired by watercolor paintings. In particular a book I had read entitled Paint Watercolors That Dance With Light by Elizabeth Kincaid. This book takes the reader from showing the reader how to view scenes in blocks of color and shapes to painting what they see using various painting techniques.

Inspiration Revealed

My photograph, Fruit in the Window, captures the same qualities of light as Elizabeth’s watercolor paintings. In this photo you can see various fruits sitting on a wide wooden window kitchen counter. You’ll find the bananas cradled in their black net of the fruit hammock. Granny smith apples, plums, peaches, melons and even two avocados can be seen together.

The light source is the window behind the food. The filtered sunlight can be seen streaming through thick green rhododendron leaves muted and distorted like in an impressionism painting. On the window sill itself is a bright blue vase holding white paper flowers.

Fruit In The Window

A photograph of fruit on a window sill.
The image glows with the summer’s afternoon sun. I wish I could paint as well as I see, this is why I read art instruction books. Hopefully I can apply what I read to good use.


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