Picasso’s Dachshund

The continuing fascination with Picasso and his animals all started last month. If you are a regular reader of this blog you’ll remember Picasso’s Cat. After showing Picasso’s Cat to the artist friend who started this whole adventure he pulled up another challenge for me. Who knew Picasso had a dog? I guess I was just unaware of the love Pablo Picasso had for his animals.

Picasso’s Dachshund

painting of a dachshund
The dachshund has a funny shape and certainly lends itself to be parodied. My intention to make him blocks of many colors never came to fruition. I guess I’m not that brave though I think I need to take more risks and just do the unconventional. Instead of cubism I think this painting is more primitive than anything else. As a friend pointed out I seem to be leaning towards the “chunky” style.

Picasso’s Real Dachshund

Photograph of Picasso holding a dachshund
I think this dog needs a name. His name will be Maurice. As always if you are interesting prints and cards can be purchased from my Artist Gallery.
Photography Prints

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