Black and White Carousel

This black and white carousel shows more of my Holga camera’s charm. Hauntingly beautiful this photograph captures a piece of amusement park history. In this image you can see the intricate designed roof with its faux gilded scrolling. The center column of the merry-go-round has this classic mirrors shaped in ovals with round light bulbs encircling each one. Around fly the wild horses and in this case and eagle designed car. Someone is seen sitting on a horse and shows you don’t have to be a child to enjoy the dizzying ride around in a circle.
photograph of an amusement park carousel

Black and White Carousel History

The carousel dates back to the 1950’s was manufactured by The Allen Herschell Company founded in North Tonawanda, New York. Between the years 1915 to 1970 The Allen Herschell Company became the most prolific maker of carousels. Their specialty was to manufacture portable machines for traveling carnivals. The horses on this particular carousel were made of metal.
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