Art Nouveau Floral Mono Prints

A style of art I enjoy creating with linocuts is Art Nouveau. I like the simple lines used to create nature themed designs found on adverts, jewelry and furnishings. Art Nouveau was most popular between 1890-1910. Not only were floral designs part of this style but also curved lines and also architecture.

Closed Lotus Flower With Two Ivy Leaves

mono print of flower and two ivy leaves
This first mono print shown is one I had designed to look like a window you’d find at church. The squared off Tudor arch effect also has two flower buds on either side. The focal point is a lotus flower not yet opened. And lastly an ivy leaf can be seen on the bottom right and left of the lotus stem.

Lotus on a Pedestal

mono print of a lotus flower
I chose green ink to press Lotus on a Pedestal. At the top corners of the print can be seen three leaves. There are three pedestals on the bottom, the center holds a lotus flower while the pedestals on either side hold buds. This green print is one of my first attempts at cutting a linoleum block. Though it may appear crude I still like it. I do enjoy creating Art Nouveau floral mono prints.


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