Sunday Espresso A Contribution For The #twitterartexhibit

From March 20th to April 11 at the CityArts Factory, Magic Gallery in Orlando, Florida something magical will happen. The 3rd (now seemingly) annual #twitterartexhibit will take place to raise money to benefit The Center for Contemporary Dance for their special needs classes.

In a nutshell

#twitterartexhibit puts out the call for amateur and professional artists to create 2D art the size of a postcard. The art pieces are then sent (in this case) to the Center for Contemporary Dance in Orlando. Each postcard becomes a part of an the exhibition at the CityArts Factory to be auctioned to the the public in a fund raiser. All the proceeds this year will help the dance center’s special needs classes.

International art exhibition raises money

In the past #twitterartexhibit has helped raise money for a program in Los Angeles for young adults of underprivileged backgrounds to train for carers in the visual arts. In 2012 #twitterartexhibit helped raised needed funds for a women’s crisis center in Moss, Norway.

Who can participate

Any artists, amateur to professional can participate. The submission deadline is February 21, 2014. You can find the details on #twitterartexhibit website.

Sunday Espresso

My contribution Sunday Espresso is the first I’ve sent to this exhibition. I hope its homey vibe with the table and vase with poppies, echinasea and Solomon’s seal will be popular. I wanted to invoke a feeling of safety and comfort with an invitation to sit down at the table to have a cup of coffee.

a painting of a vase on a tabel and two cups of coffee

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