Cho Ku Rei and Bamboo

I enjoy carving linoleum blocks in the traditional style with sparse subjects and simple lines. The original inspiration was the bamboo plant. Watching a show one day on the television I was amazed to learn that bamboo wood is the strongest wood in the world.

Bamboo is used for anything imaginable from roofing materials to piping. There are a few varieties of voracious grower climbs towards the sky 30 inches per day. A member of the perennial evergreens and grasses this tree/grass is a vital building material for much of Asia.
Linoleum block with Reiki symbol carving

Reiki Inspiration

This ancient Japanese Reiki symbol you see here is called Cho Ku Rei pronounced “Cho-Koo-Ray”. The symbol is used to increase your energy flow as well as for protection. It is a symbol of power but not intended to create someone powerful. Reiki is never used for ill or bad intentions.

I thought the symbol and bamboo made a lovely print and so it was carved.

Cho Ku Rei and Bamboo

Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei print


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