Twilight At The Oaks

Twilight At The Oaks is another inspired piece. I’ve always admired the work of illustrator and painter Maxfield Parrish. I grew up with a poster of Daybreak, that iconic landscape framed by two Greek pillars while one women lay resting on her back on the ground and another leans over her hands on knees talking to her. My parents drove 30 minutes away just to drive past the home and farmhouse in Cornish, NH he called The Oaks where he lived and worked until his death in 1966.

Local libraries are great resources

Just recently I was in our local library looking for a book of Monet landscapes when I came across a book entitled Maxfield Parrish The Landscapes by Alma Gilbert. After reading about Parrish’s life and his love of working with landscapes alone, I fell in love with twilight’s light all over again. I see the same light often because I still live in the region of Parrish’s home.

Twilight at the Oaks

One particular painting entitled Twilight, (1935) caught my eye. It is a painting of a white farmhouse and barn caught in the blue glow of coming night. The oaks behind the house and outbuildings tower of the structures as dark as green can become. In the distance a mountain stands, most likely the model was Mount Ascutney which Parrish could see from his home. The mountain hides the setting sun and the sky along the horizon and over the roof tops are light pale orange yellow that disappears as the blue night comes down from the heavens.
What I have to show today is a lino cut of my rendition inspired by the painting.

linocut of a house and trees
By the way, I tried to find Twilight (one of several paintings with this same name) on Google images but could not. The original painting is in a private collection.


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