The Bee House

This acrylic painting is of a building called the Bee House. The Bee House was the subject of a photograph I found in a book about Shaker design called Shaker Built by Paul Rocheleau and June Sprigg. I’ve always admired the design and architecture of the Shaker people. Their simplicity and functionality for their every day farming practices, house keeping tools and buildings was truly ingenious.

A Little History

The Bee House is located in the Shaker Village Museum in Canterbury, New Hampshire. I fell in love with this image of the Bee House right away. The setting of late afternoon in winter is stunning. The Bee House and surroundings glow with a rosy light from a waning sun. The Bee House history is as simple as its design. Built in 1837 and used as a drying shed for lumber. In 1865 it became the bee keeper’s shed. Now in a new location closer to the main barn in the Shakers Village it serves as a milk house.

Painting of the Bee House in Canterbury New Hampshire.

Painting of a yellow house in winter


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