Picasso’s Cat

Inspiration for Picasso’s Cat

Every Saturday the artist Fernando Guel posts images on his Facebook page pictures of cats. One such day he posted a black and white image of Picasso holding his tabby cat. In a flash I got to thinking about Picasso’s cat and what he would look like. My brain went even further and wondered if his cat saw the world as Picasso did? Was the cat’s milk bowl made up of geometric shapes other than a circles? To say the least, my brain nearly exploded thinking about these things.

What happened?

I dreamt of Picasso’s Cat in detail. What I saw in those dreams were not what I expected. Instead of seeing a cat made up of triangles and squares, I saw a blue cat shaped a bit comically with a heavy bottom. He was solid blue with eyes that were not symmetrical and crooked whiskers. The light blue vase and two red poppies next to him looked fairly normal too. But the wall behind him was made of a patchwork of red, yellow and orange hues. The four window panes on the wall were also skewed but were light blue as a summer’s day.Picasso's Cat

What’s next

I’ve named the cat a nice masculine name. Claude was inspiration enough to start work on another piece. I’m thinking Picasso needs a dog or maybe a chicken. Doesn’t this man look like he needs more animals?the artist Pablo Picasso holding a catblue cat products

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