Pear Tree

My black and white pear tree photograph is one of my personal favorites. It was taken on a drizzly December day after I had noticed there were pears still hanging on the tree. The only camera I had with me at the time was my plastic Holga. If you are unfamiliar with the Holga brand please do not feel left out. Unless you are a photography geek you probably have not heard about them.

The Holga

A Holga is a plastic “toy” like camera with a fixed plastic lens. Because it is made with plastic all kinds of characteristics can develop between taking the pictures in different light levels and more. Some cameras produce light leeks. This means light leeks into the camera body through cracks in the camera body. My camera produces vignetting which leaves the edges of the photography blurry.

It’s the beauty of the plastic camera, you never know what you’ll have after the film is developed. And because the camera uses medium format film the negatives are larger and the photos can be sharper to view.

The pear tree is probably the most hauntingly beautiful image to come from my Holga. Though I will post more photographs from this camera in coming blog posts I chose this one to start off the series.

black and white photo of a pear tree


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