Cat in the Window

Cat in the window

The cat in the window is very happy. Kitty sits on a window ledge in front of a frosty window. The ice looks like stars on a glass. This mono print in light blue was made from a carved linoleum block. I can envision the cat in the window is sitting in a room warmed by a wood stove. As the snow is falling heavily from the sky, the world is quiet and peaceful.


Generally I draw out the design on the lino block before starting to carve however, this time I went with my imagination to guide knife. There was another challenge I had to overcome. I wasn’t sitting a cozy room with a wood stove but my less than warm studio.

I’m not a vain person, just one that washes the hair in the morning and goes. I do own a hair dryer but not for drying my hair. I use a hair dryer to warm up those hard grey lino blocks. Though the linoleum becomes softer, they are not as soft as the pink sheets available. I could at least get by without cramping my hands from the resistance of knife on block.

The results

blue cat linocut

The delft blue color makes the cat pop from the window. I really like how Cat in the Window came together when printed. It is fun to carve a block now and again and take a break from the paint.


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