Small Seascape

Small Seascape Painting

The small seascape painting was a study in my latest acrylics class. I’ve been taking a basic acrylic painting class through the local recreation department. Our instructor local artist Ashley Baron gives us the students new simple paintings to achieve. Last nights subject was a New England seascape.

Visible in this small seascape painting are two hulking rock formations tumbling into the ocean. The varied blue water includes write caps. Other variations in water color show the movement always present in the ocean. In the background a line of trees marks the shoreline. Above is a blue sky with fluffy sometimes wispy white clouds. On the rocks furthest away can be seen two white pine trees.

Painted New England Seascape


I’m very encouraged with the outcome. Although this kind of subject is something I never paint I do admire landscapes and seascape paintings. Painters like the American painter Robert W. Weir captures light and mood so well it takes my breath away. Even the Canadian artist Emily Carr with her abstract style that conveys the landscape as a moving object have my admiration.

I think my all time favorite seascape painting is Frederick Childe Hassam’s Celia Thaxter’s Garden, Isles of Shoals, Maine, 1890. A wonderful painting with poppies, roses and black eyed susan set against an island cove. Learn more and see the artist’s work found on To read about Celia Thaxter and her garden visit this page.

Frederick Hassam's Celia Thaxter's Garden
I will be attempting more landscapes and seascapes in the future. I certainly have books with pictures in them to keep me going through the winter months to come. So for now, I have my small seascape painting to add to my collection of styles.


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